Thermal male contraception

On male side reproductive gametes are the sperm cells. Those are produced inside the testicles. This process is called spermatogenesis and it has a duration of about 74 days (approximately 2 months and a half). The very fact is that testes are located outside the human body, in the scrotum, so they are maintained at a temperature of 34.4°C, lower than human body one (37.4°C). This condition is essential to have spermatogenesis run ininterruptedly and then to produce continuously of millions of sperm cells everyday. When the temperature of testicles is maintained for several days at a higher temperature than human body, spermatogenesis is turned on hold, and sperm cells production stops. After a period long enough in such conditions, the numeration of sperm cells decrease from tens of million down to zero.

SmartSeeds™ is a heating pad conceived to be easy-to-use and go with. Once in place with the U-MAN Underwear® boxers specially designed, SmartSeeds™ provides the scrotum with a soft warmth so the temperature of the testicles rises by few degrees with no damageable effects (see temperature spreadsheet ).

SmartSeeds™ pad is very light and is not noticeable when worn on. It is linked to a thermoregulator located on U-MAN Underwear® boxers side so one can adjust the warmth within a predefined range, to be comfortable accordingly to the seasons.
With an application from just 3 hours a day SmartSeeds™ leads men to the natural contraception threshold in around 6 weeks. From there the sperm cells concentration level must be checked through a spermogram test in order to validate contraception state. Then you can give up any other contraceptives. Later, once the azoospermia state reached (no more sperm cells in semen), in case of omission of wearing SmartSeeds up to 3 days, the contraceptive state is not jeopardized. Indeed, from azoospermia, spermatogenesis requires an entire cycle of 75 days to deliver again the first sperm cells and then, meanwhile, the man is still contracepted.

World Health Organization reports the following common data when it comes to man fertilization :
- Normal sperm cells concentration in men semen is range between 50 to 150 million.
- A natural fertilization may occur when sperm cells number is greater than 20 million.
- Infertility threshold for men is set to 15 million sperm cells.
- Male contraceptive threshold is set at 2.4 million.

SmartSeeds™ will bring you far more lower than this threshold, down to zero to ensure your contraception. At any time you may decide to recover full fertility in 3 months minimum by quitting SmartSeeds application.

SmartSeeds™ is simple, natural, efficient and reversible.

Be responsible and just go for it!

SmartSeeds™ performance results

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