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Male contraception other than the condom actually exists. Have you ever heard of thermal male contraception (TMC)? It is a physiological process inherent in male mammals, and therefore simply natural, which excludes the use of drugs. Hmm, maybe that's why Pharmaceutical industry does not promote it, explaining why you have never heard of it?

The brief discussion below shows how male fertility, which is permanent, impacts global demography. Consider the following two cases:

    • 1 fertile man living with 100 fertile women: this situation could in theory lead to up to 100 pregnancies per period of 9 months!
    • 1 fertile woman living with 100 fertile men: in this situation there can, at most,only be one pregnancy per period of 9 months.

Men may originate several pregnancies in parallel, and this is why they have a greater responsibility in demography: "With great power come great responsibilities".

Male contraception should weigh more than female contraception but, yet, it is the all the contrary that is advocated by the pharmaceutical industry in order to sell. In fact, thanks to TMC, men can take control of their fertility and choose the right moment and the right person to become parent with.

We strive to implement a simple and practical solution so that every man who wishes can easily access TMC. This solution is healthy and with no side effects. It differs widely from pharmaceutical products which frequently imply side effects. So, please discover our solution right below. It suits you! And please, spread the word around you. It is truly important. It will, for sure, help deeply some around you. Thank you!!

Now with SmartSeeds™ men can easily choose when to have a baby

SmartSeeds is a contraceptive underwear for men that allows you to pause your fertility as long as you wish in a simple and practical way.



    Just a brief boxer to wear
  • Three hours a day minimum
  • The integrated warming pad will softly blur out sperm cells production and then prevent from unplanned pregnancies


Better than the contraceptive pills
  • Equivalent to vasectomy with a 99.9% efficiency
  • Tolerance to negligence up to 4 consecutive days


    No side effects
  • Men keep semen and libido. They ejaculate normally
  • Tested in the laboratory
  • Thermal male contraception has been driven by European doctors


  • Natural recovery of fertility


  • Simply physiological
  • No medical drugs, no hormones

SmartSeeds™ is safe and efficient. It suits any man. You will gain intimate comfort, pleasure and serenity. It's a real contraception for men!

How to get it?

Please proceed with online order. Postal delivery to all destinations (USA, Canada, Europe, Overseas regions, Latin America, Oceania, Asia...).

Simply enjoy the best, now!

Gentlemen, opt for the thermal male contraception:

It's simple, effective and reversible! Just go for it!

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